My love for health and fitness started when I started playing football.  Since 2013 I’ve been working as a qualified Personal Trainer in the London area, guiding my clients towards a healthier lifestyle, improving either the athletes performance on the field or the quality of life for the everyday person for when they get older they can live pain-free to enjoy life to the fullest.

Through myself suffer injuries such an ACL tear, knowing that it can affect you later in life if you don't look after your body & joints, I went on a mission to help people improve their life quality blending strength & mobility training with the right nutrition & other holistic aspects which all blend together that suits your lifestyle to have you performing at your best. 

We can all slow the process in which our body ages.


  • Personal Trainer level 3

  • FRCms® Mobility coach 

  • ELDOA Practitioner Level 2 

  • Stick Mobility level 1

  • Precision Nutrition Coach

  • Art of Breath

  • Morden Post Natal Exercise and Wellness 

  • Wim Hof (In Training)

  • Sports Nutrition 

  • Circuit Training

  • Strength & Conditioning Level 4

  • Woman's Health Coach

  • WANSM 

  • Biomechanics

"My overall strength and general fitness level have greatly improved since seeing Jermeel and I can see muscle definition in the areas that I wanted to tone up and get the results I wanted".


"I would highly recommend Jermeel as a personal trainer when I first started sessions with him I was in very bad shape and had low energy levels and found keeping fit hard. I am in much better shape as well as having much higher energy levels and a more positive outlook on life.  Jermeel is very good at getting me to push myself to my limits and never giving up, and all in a very calm and pleasant way!  He creates workouts for me which work every part of the body and although the sessions are challenging they are also very enjoyable".


Training with Jermeel has been a revelation, I've become far stronger than when I started and my mobility has increased immensely which has also stopped my back pain & playing with my kids which is a joy as a move a lot better than before.


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